Raising Highly Capable Kids Classes

The mission of Raising Highly Capable Kids Classes is to equip the parents of the youth in our city to instill values in their children’s lives that will help them to succeed in school and go on to become healthy, caring and responsible adults in life.

Every year we train parent leaders who in turn train parents in their schools, churches or community organizations. This approach:

  • Empowers parents
  • Keeps costs down
  • Allows for unlimited growth

This evidence-based program, which started here in the city of Santa Ana, is now expanding to cities across America and other countries.


We work with the parents of students that attend our:

  • Public schools
  • Charter schools
  • Local Churches
  • Community Organizations


  • Training – in the month of October we host a training for parent leaders
  • Classes – new classes start in the fall and spring of each school year. Classes are held both in English and in Spanish.
  • Celebration – in the month of June we host a celebration with all parent leaders.


  • Churches – these are local congregations in our city
  • Education– the Santa Ana Unified School District is the sixth largest district in California. They have been our educational partner in the city for over thirteen years.
  • Charter High Schools – Our city has a growing number of charter schools providing quality education to our city’s youth.

To learn more about this program contact: Armando Arellano at 714-543-3711 ext. 249 or email him at armando@tccdc.org.