Kingdom Group is a coalition of faith-based leaders (elected officials, business leaders, community leaders and local pastors) committed to the peace and prosperity of our city.

They have launched the following city-wide initiatives:


The Love Santa Ana Initiative is a collaborative effort which gathers hundreds of volunteers to help transform neighborhoods through an impactful day of service and beautification projects.

The Love Santa Ana Initiative mobilizes churches, community groups and the business community to work together to bring beauty, hope, and transformation to some of the most challenged areas of the City of Santa Ana. This is accomplished through different beautification and service projects done throughout the community on a large scale.


Love Santa Ana Initiative is helping to transform our community in really big ways, but there is so much more to true community change than big initiatives.

We believe that the most impactful change happens when we empower people to be the change in their own neighborhood.

Neighbor to Neighbor brings residents throughout Santa Ana, block by block, to gather with their neighbors and help facilitate true community. We help organize ideas and events and provide information and tools to empower people to host community gatherings.

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