Edward B. Cole, Sr. Academy



EBC Academy is an initiative of Templo Calvario Community Development Corporation. Although EBC Academy is an independent charter, they work closely with the Santa Ana Unified School District (SAUSD). Since opening its doors in 2003, EBC has found itself a powerful force in the community of Santa Ana. The school establishes itself not only as an essential educational entity but also as consistent support for the families they serve. The three major themes for the school are Family, School, and Community.

EBC has a commitment to FAMILY. The school has developed an obligation to support and inform students of their academic progress and to remain transparent and approachable, encourage discussion, and develop deeper relationships.

EBC has a commitment to SCHOOL. The school has developed the attitude that it must be responsive to the needs of the students and develop programs to enhance student achievement.

EBC has a commitment to COMMUNITY. The school believes that the student must be responsible to the community and to develop students that are ethical, honest, and respectful to others.


EBC partners with our community, nurturing and empowering lifelong learners, to achieve excellence in academics, 21st century skills, and personal growth.


To prepare and motivate students to pursue higher levels of education, collaborate with families and stakeholders as our educational team, and to instill in our scholars a sense of responsibility and commitment to their community.