BOYs Mentors Transforming Lives

August 3, 2017

Banking on Our Youth (BOY) is a financial literacy and entrepreneurship program that teaches and empowers high school students to make wise financial choices that will impact their well-being. An essential part of BOY is to partner each student with a mentor who will motivate and guide them during the program

Maria Ayala, a recent program graduate, had the opportunity to be mentored by Lisa Kruitbosch and Terry Northrup from Pacific Premier Bank. Both mentors motivated, guided and helped Maria complete the program successfully. After seeing Maria’s hard work and dedication to BOY, they encouraged her to apply for an internship at Pacific Premier Bank. After a thorough selection process, Maria was chosen to receive the internship with Pacific Premier Bank. Because of Maria’s involvement with BOY, and her mentor’s guidance, she was given an opportunity to expand her knowledge and explore a future career option; Maria aspires to obtain a future employment opportunity with Pacific Premier Bank.

Both Lisa and Terry understand the value of mentorship and the impact it has on a person’s life; both will join us again this year as mentors for the Banking on Our Youth 2017-2018 class. We are grateful for wonderful mentors who are impacting and transforming lives!

Want to become a mentor or learn more about BOY, contact Paulina Cadena at 714-543-3711 Ext 234