Templo Calvario Community Development Corporation (CDC) is a faith-based nonprofit organization located in the city of Santa Ana, California. The CDC was launched by a church with a ninety-year history of compassion.

Templo Calvario CDC has received national recognition as a promising practice by the following:

  • The Annie E. Casey Foundation for its work with Hispanic immigrants
  • The Center for Faith-based and Community Initiatives (HHS) which has featured the CDC in its series “Snapshots of Compassion”
  • The US Department of Labor which recognized the CDC as a “Champion of Compassion”



Templo Calvario CDC works with key communities and stakeholders to unite, build, and transform communities.



Transformed lives, transformed communities!



The primary focus of our organization is to serve the families in our city. We do that in four ways:



  • Edward B. Cole Sr. Academy – A charter school (Grades K-5) serving low income families in the heart of Santa Ana.
  • Banking on Our Youth – A program that helps the youth of Santa Ana improve their understanding of financial concepts and empowers them to make right decisions and improve their financial well-being.


  • Seguro Financial – The center will provide information, training and the necessary resources that provide the skills to increase a family’s creditworthiness, reduce financial barriers and improve their overall financial capability. The center will provide training and assistance in home ownership and small business development.


  • Santa Ana Parent Project – A parent training program that utilizes the Raising Highly Capable Kids curriculum to provide parents the skills to develop key life changing assets in the lives of the children.
  • Family Leadership (in development) – This program will equip parents to be leaders both in their home and in their community.


  • Kingdom Group – This a coalition of faith-based leaders (elected officials, business leaders, community leaders and local pastors) committed to the peace and prosperity of our city.
  • Love Santa Ana Initiative – The Kingdom Group leads Love Santa Ana. This a key initiative that works with our city leaders in targeted sectors and neighborhoods of the city.