A Beautiful Transformation

April 2, 2018

Ana Mena is a Parent Leader and Council Member of the Santa Ana Parent Project, and four-time winner of the Parent of the Year Award, through the Santa Ana Unified School District.  Ana’s story is one of the many success stories that we have the privilege of being a part of. We are thrilled to see the impact and transformation the Santa Ana Parent Project is having in the lives of hundreds of Santa Ana families, like Ana’s.

When Doctors diagnosed Ana’s son with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Ana and her family faced many challenges. Her son refused to listen, participate in school and obey. Ana found herself frustrated and out of practical tools to help her son cope with his diagnosis. As a result, Ana’s family life continued to spiral out of control and became increasingly chaotic.

“I was trying my best to teach my son, but frustration was adding up, and our form of communication soon turned into yelling – I had a desire to be a loving mother but did not know how.”

Because of the educational partnership with SAUSD, Ana was able to begin attending our free parenting classes that were being offered at her son’s school. Through the Santa Ana Parent Project, Ana found friendship and support from other parents that had gone through difficult season’s, just like the one she was going through. Ana was encouraged to learn and obtain tools that would eventually help restore her family.

The Raising Highly Capable Kids Curriculum is a 13-week curriculum that is based on the Search Institute’s 40 Developmental Assets; decades of research with more than 5 million children found that there are 40 building blocks every child needs to grow and mature. The more of these assets a child has in his or her life, the more likely he or she is to engage in healthy behaviors while veering away from those that are unhealthy.

“My family and I would do our best to apply the assets to our everyday life. We were determined to change our situation! It wasn’t long before we saw positive changes in our home.”

After seeing the positive changes taking place in her home, Ana was encouraged to share her story with others. Ana decided to become a Parent Leader for the program and enrolled in the one-day training to become program certified. Ana has now been teaching for _ years, and last year she joined the Parent Council, a group of parents that work to grow the impact of the Santa Ana Parent Project.

“Seeing the impact and change in my family is priceless! My son, my family, and I have a great relationship! It is amazing to see the change in my son and see the many positive desires and goals he has, they would make any mother proud.”

To learn more about the Santa Ana Parent Project Parenting Classes contact Armando Arellano.