MDonor Spotlight

May 10, 2018

Pacific Premier Bank is without a doubt one of the greatest partners we have worked with! The relationship between TCCDC and PP Bank started in 2016, and the friendship and collaboration between their dedicated management, staff, and TCCDCD  have been vital!

PP Bank has played a significant role in the development and implementation of TCCDC’s Banking On Our Youth Program. Eddie Wilcox, PPB’s Chief Operating Officer, Executive Vice President shared a dynamic and inspirational time with high school juniors and Seniors about his personal journey to becoming a successful VP for the bank. The staff at PP Bank are committed to making a difference in the community. Currently, 13 staff members serve as mentors of the BOY program. PP Bank is a partner that is committed and dedicated to going above and beyond their “regulatory duties.” Pacific Premier  Bank is truly a beacon to the communities it serves as well as to the partners is supports. We are grateful for all that PP Bank has invested

Pacific Premier we are filled with gratitude for all that you have done, your commitment and support are astonishing. Together we will continue to transform more lives and more communities!