Love Santa Ana April 8 Serve Day

May 5, 2017
The Love Santa Ana Initiative is a program of a non-profit organization in Santa Ana. We focus on mobilizing churches, community groups, and the business community to work together to bring beauty, hope, and transformation to some of the most challenged areas of our city.
This past April 8th, we had our Love Santa Ana Serve Day. We had an amazing time serving our beautiful Santa Ana City together. It was enjoyable and rewarding working with enthusiastic and wonderful volunteers all come together for the same purpose, to serve our city! Together we were able to accomplish the following:
* House paint
* 8 apartment fences painted
* 1/4 mile metal fence painted
* 3 murals
* Renovated an entire community garden
* Build 2 vertical garden
* Día del Niño Community Celebration coordinated & lead by KidWorks
All this was possible thanks to all the volunteers, partnerships and everyone’s heart for Santa Ana. We cannot wait for our next event. Stay tuned.