Hard Work, Dedication – Success!

April 2, 2018

Emmanuel Velazquez is a Senior at Saddle Back High School. Emmanuel has a 4.33 GPA, a reflection of many hours of studying and hard work. In addition to being a dedicated student, Emmanuel also holds a part-time job to help support his family. When Emmanuel is not studying or working, he enjoys watching Shark Tank, a TV show that features a panel of business executives and investors (called ‘Sharks’) who consider offers and listen to pitches from entrepreneurs and small business owners seeking funding for their business, products, or services.

One would think that Emmanuel already had enough on his plate before deciding to apply for Banking on Our Youth this past October; however, he understood the value that this financial literacy and entrepreneurship program would bring to him and help him get closer to his dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Emmanuel aspires to be like his role model and favorite Shark Tank judge, Robert Herjavec. He identifies with Mr. Herjavec as they both are immigrants who come from humble beginnings and who have faced many challenges like acculturation and learning English as a second language. It is inspiring to see that Emmanuel has taken AP and Honor classes all through his four years of high school, despite just learning English at the age of 12 years old.

When asked, what motivates him, he says, “my philosophy is that you can achieve anything with hard work and dedication!”

We are so proud of Emmanuel and are glad that he is part of this year’s Banking on Our Youth class! We know that with Emmanuel’s dedication and drive, we will see him accomplish his dream of becoming and entrepreneur!

You can learn more about Banking On Our Youth program by contacting Paulina Cadena.